Economic Analysis and Planning (2014/2015)

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Giandemetrio Marangoni
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Teaching is organised as follows:
Activity Credits Period Academic staff Timetable
Lezioni 3 Semestrino IA, Semestrino IB Giandemetrio Marangoni
Esercitazioni 3 Semestrino IA, Semestrino IB Giandemetrio Marangoni

Learning outcomes

The course aims to explore some specific issues of macroeconomic analysis and political economy.


• Macroeconomics
• Production and Income
• The employment and income multiplier
• The investments
• The public sector
• Financial markets
• Stocks, bonds, government bonds
• Inflation. The price index
• Labour productivity, employment and wages

• Economic policy
• The general equilibrium
• Cost-benefit analysis
• The income policies
• The policies for full employment
• The monetary policy

• Analysis of case studies and discussion of current issues of economics and economic policy

• M. Baranzini, G. Marangoni, S. Solari, Economia, II ed., Cedam, 2008.
• Lecture notes on the classroom discussion of case studies and current issues of economics and economic policy

Assessment methods and criteria

Written exam and discussion.

Teaching aids
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APE 2014-2015 (it, 71 KB, 03/11/14)
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Domande di Analisi e programmazione economica  pdfpdf (it, 166 KB, 04/12/14)
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