The Department of Human Sciences produces quality cultural and academic teaching and research for the national and international academic community and the cultural context in which it operates. The Department of Human Sciences is organised in such a way as to make full use of its available resources, allowing all department staff (professors, researchers and young academics) to pursue their research interests using suitable tools (including organisational and financial) to carry out and publish their studies.
A strong proponent of transdisciplinary research, the Department encourages collaborations and interrelations among all its faculty, especially for the purpose of discussion and comparison in order to produce more solid academic work.
In addition to its excellence in research, the Department of Human Sciences actively supports third mission activities, which allow it to become involved in the cultural life of the community and play a role in fostering the professional, social and political development of society. Faithful to its mission as a public university structure, the Department aims to sustain the cultural development of the country, offering young professionals (philosophy experts, educators, trainers and pre-school and primary school teachers) a high level of skills with which to efficiently navigate the world of work and society in general.

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