The role of decision-making processes and individual differences in the JD-R model

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15 ottobre 2015
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Ceschi Andrea
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JD-R; Individual Differences; Decision-Making

The current proposal offers the ability to bridge advances in decision-making and some individual differences, such as personality traits (i.e., Grit and Honesty and Humility) and inclinations toward the development of personal resources (i.e., Resilience) with research investigating job performance and well-being in individuals. This proposal represents a significant extension of past research of understanding the etiology of suboptimal decision-making and the connected role of individual differences. Although we have evidence that individuals who demonstrate lower Decision-Making Competency (DMCy) or in Grit and Resilience engage in more hamstrung behaviors, less is known about how this individual approach affect workable models, such as the JD-R model. Though a robust literature exists on in individual differences and decision-making, this research is largely confined to group-level differences observed in psychology laboratories.
The current proposal aims to bridge this gap in knowledge. When individuals present poor DMCy levels, low Grit and lack of some personal resources (i.e., Resilience) present the likelihood of unfavourable long-run consequences (i.e., managing poorly job demands, developing inconsistently personal resources, etc.) and this might also be considered an indicator of poor job performance in organizations. By integrating these research perspectives, we can better conceptualize the antecedents of the development of advantageous behavior in work placements. Regarding the implications of the research, within this frame, the project will help to better analyse the psychological facets of a correct assessment in organizations.

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Riccardo Sartori
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Franco Fraccaroli
Università di Trento
Evangelia Demerouti
Eindhoven University of Technology
Joshua Weller
Tilburg University
Stephan Dickert
Mary Queen University of London
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work and organizational psychology
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Decision-making processes in the workplace: How exhaustion, lack of resources and job demands impair them and affect performance Ceschi, Andrea; Evangelia, Demerouti; Sartori, Riccardo; Weller, JOSHUA ABRAHAM 2017
Turning bad into good: How resilience resources protect organizations from demanding work environments Ceschi, Andrea; Fraccaroli, Franco; Costantini, Arianna; Sartori, Riccardo 2017
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