Data inizio
1 settembre 2013
Durata (mesi) 
Scienze Umane
Responsabili (o referenti locali)
Piussi Anna Maria , Soldati Maria
Parole chiave
Forced Marriage,Social and inter-istitutional Cooperation,Professional Innovation,Sexual and gender difference,Cultural Etnoclinic Mediation

The contributed action-research project is aimed at:
1 – understand and investigate the reality of arranged marriages imposed to second-generation young women from the Indian sub-continent in the Province of Brescia;
2 – to detect the demand for intervention of young women towards Italian institutions;
3 – identify the resiliances and personal resolutions of the young women towards their families and in their communities;
4 – highlight the autonomous, innovative and creative strategies of negotiation of the young women;
5 – innovate the mode of acceptance/resolution of social and educational services of private and public sectors
6 – develop an intervention protocol between private social services and public institutions with young women, families and communities to guide in the actions of prevention, care and contrast to the phenomenon of forced or imposed marriages.
The development of the research material will also implement a reflection on the declination of the idea of female freedom gained by second-generation women raised under the influence of transmitted family’s traditions and culture of origin and the context of everyday life in Italy with the following questions: how to respect the sexual difference and cultural belonging enabling the coexistence of different values and practices without implying a passive tolerance, an expropriation of choice for young women or the breaking of family ties? How to work on reciprocal contamination negotiating the conflicts that it can generate when religious or cultural identities rigidly defined limit the freedom of choice in young women?
A work of reflection which permits the identification of some underlying issues that question Europe regarding cultural practices that infringe the rights of women which in the Western world are fundamental human rights.

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