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SH5_13 - History of philosophy

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Lucia Procuranti is a researcher of History of Philosophy at the Department of Human Sciences. She works in particular about the history of modern philosophy. Her research method takes into account the history of the philosophical problems, the search for sources and the study of the philosophical lexicon. She works on the thought of different authors belonging to the modern era, such as: Leibniz, Newton, Euler and Kant. She started her research activity, dealing with the contributions that these authors gave to the historical development of the scientific debate about the constitution of chemical and physical matter and about the beauty of nature. She is currently continuing with the study of the thought of these authors, in particular with research concerning the perception of beauty and the formation of taste judgment. Another field of research that she deals with is that of the philosophy of medicine and care; specially about the relationship between the mind and the body. In this context are included the research on the philosophy of motherhood, on the studies of neonatology and on the use of modern technologies for the knowledge and the sensory and psychic development of the fetus.


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Research interests
Topic Description Research area
Classical German Philosophy with particular attention to the scientific and aesthetic thought of the following authors: Newton, Leibniz, Euler e Kant The research topic is inserted in the historical period that goes from 1600 to the end of 1700 and focuses on the scientific and aesthetic writings of Immanuel Kant and on the scientific sources connected to them. For this purpose studies on the thought of Descartes, Maupertuis, Newton, Leibniz, Baumgarten e Euler are relevant. Roots and contemporary cultures
Philosophy of maternity and nascent life This research topic concerns the study of works that aim to understand what relationship is established between the mother and the fetus during the various stages of pregnancy. A philosophical reading of the medical-scientific results proposed by neonatology is provided, also taking into account the historical development of these researches. Research methods in the Human Sciences
Title Starting date
La riflessione morale di fronte al mind/body problem. Problemi storici e prospettive teoriche (2010-11) 2/1/13
Modelli della conoscenza e concetto di errore (2005) 1/1/05
Il problema della valenza “ethica” del cosmo (2005) 1/1/05
La considerazione filosofica delle scienze e della conoscenza. Modelli storici, prospettive attuali, il problema del rigore. (continuazione, anno 2004) 1/1/04
La considerazione filosofica delle scienze e della conoscenza. Modelli storici, prospettive attuali, il problema del rigore. 1/1/04
Valenze etiche dell’estetica nella filosofia classica tedesca (continuazione, anno 2003) 1/1/03
Valenze etiche dell’estetica nella filosofia classica tedesca 1/1/03
La considerazione filosofica della logica, della matematica e della meccanica nella filosofia moderna. Le sue radici e i suoi sviluppi 1/1/01

Lucia Procuranti
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