Michele Scandola

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Temporary Assistant Professor
Academic sector
Research sector (ERC)
SH4_5 - Attention, perception, action, consciousness

SH4_6 - Learning, memory; ageing

- Neurosciences & Behavior

Palazzo Zorzi-Polfranceschi,  Floor 1,  Room 1.42
+39 045 802 8407
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Michele Scandola is a researcher of  psychobiology and physiological psychology at the Department of Human Sciences. His research activities were focused on cross-modal visuo-haptic perception in virtual enviroment via psychophysics techniques and robotic tools, leargning processes in VR, body image and validation of questionnaires.

During his 3-years-long Ph.D. (at the University “La Sapienza” OF Rome, final mark: with honors) his research interests were focused on body and space representation in spinal cord injured people.

In that period He could improve his methodologic and statistic knowledge, in particular linear mized models and Bayesian statistics, VR enviroment and electrophysiological recordings.

Nowaday He is collaborting with some European research groups, several spinal cord units and rehabilitation wards.


Research groups

Departmental Interdisciplinary Research - NEW FRAGILITIES (ARIdip - NEW FRAGILITIES)
The group deals with the new forms of human and social fragility, which are spreading in current social contexts, both in real and virtual contexts.
Research interests
Topic Description Research area
Bayesian statistics in cognitive sciences The application of bayesian models in cognitive sciences Research methods in the Human Sciences
Psychology, Mathematical
Psychometrics and data analysis; Methods in psychological research Psychometrics and data analysis; Methods in psychological research Research methods in the Human Sciences
Psychology, Experimental
cognitive neurosciences Embodied cognition theory: Psychophisic, neuropsychological and physiological analyses of effects of sensory-motor disorders in cognition Roots and contemporary cultures
Psychology, Experimental
Title Starting date
Across the city in wheelchair: the visible and invisible, virtual and real changes in the exploration of the urban environment 11/9/18
Metodologie Statistiche Bayesiane per le Scienze Cognitive e la Neuropsicologia 3/3/18
MOdulaTion Of peripersonal Space 9/1/17
Body and action perception in the peripersonal space: immersive virtual reality, EEG and behavioural studies in healthy and massively somatosensory de-afferented and motor de-efferented people 2/5/17
Correlati psicobiologici della rappresentazione corporea 9/1/16
Techno-Cognitive strategies against maladaptive plasticity 9/1/16
Rappresentazione del corpo, spazio e azione nei soggetti con lesione spinale 1/1/14
SAFROS - Patient Safety in Robotic Surgery 4/1/10


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