The Internationalization / Erasmus Committee

Laura Anna Macor
Type of body
Quality Assurance Board
Human Sciences

The Internationalization / Erasmus Committee:


  •  Formulates proposals to the Department on the priorities in support of the internationalization of Education, Research and the Third Mission, in conjunction, where necessary, with the Research Policy Committe and / or the Third Mission Committee;
  • At the request of the Department Council, prepares calls for the allocation of University funds to support the internationalization of the Department;
  • Formulates and proposes to the Department Council the criteria for the allocation of departmental contributions in support of internationalization activities;
  • Follows the procedures for the allocation of the aforementioned funds and contributions, deals, where requested, with the process of assessing the applications, and formulates a proposal of distribution of the resources to be submitted to the Department Council;
  • Further defines, with respect to the provisions of the University, the modalities of participation in the Calls for the international mobility concerning students of the Department; Promotes inward and outward mobility and international exchanges of teachers, students and trainees in connection, where necessary, with the International Relations Office and the Delegate of the University Rector for Internationalization;
  • Promotes and monitors activities in support of the internationalization of the Department's educational offer;
  • Provides opinions, upon request of the Department, on proposals for collaboration agreement between the Department and other international bodies to be submitted to the approval of the Department Council;
  • Cooperates, where required, with the Research Policy Committtee in support of international research groups and internationally competitive projects;
  • Cooperates, where required, with the Third Mission Committee on the promotion of international scientific and / or dissemination initiatives;
  • Collaborates, where required, with the Doctorate School of Humanities and the Doctorate in Human Sciences in the fields of international mobility and the internationalization of teaching.


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