Social Psychology (2016/2017)

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Monica Pedrazza
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Teaching is organised as follows:
Activity Credits Period Academic staff Timetable
Lezioni prof.ssa Pedrazza 2 Sem. IIB Monica Pedrazza
Lezioni prof.ssa Trifiletti 4 Sem. IIB Elena Trifiletti

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Learning outcomes

Module: Prof. Trifiletti
The purpose of this course is to provide students with an introduction to Social Psychology, its areas of interest, theories and methodologies. The focus of the course is on how human behaviour is influenced by other individuals and groups. There are four main objectives. First, the course introduces students to the current body of knowledge in social psychology, providing the fundamental concepts and principles. Second, students will develop critical thinking skills, through the application of social psychological concepts and principles to real-life situations. To achieve this goal, the course encourages the acquisition of knowledge that goes beyond mere memorisation and promotes the ability to reflect critically about the causes of human behaviour. Third, the course provides students with a critical understanding of group processes and intergroup relations, with a special focus on the cognitive nature of personal vs. social identities and the relationship between them. Fourth, students will develop the ability to understand and interpret research findings.

Module : Prof Pedrazza
Adult Attachment and its implication in sustaining social interactions in caring and curing context as also in organizational L/M realtionships.


Module: Prof. Trifiletti,
The course covers the following topics:

- social cognition and perception,
- social categorization and stereotypes,
- self, personal and social identity,
- attitudes and persuasion,
- adult attachment and social relationships
- aggression and prosocial behaviour,
- social influence in groups,
- group decision making
- intergroup relations, prejudice, and discrimination

Module: Prof Pedrazza
- adult attachment and social relationships

- Crisp, R.J, & Turner, R.N. (2013). Psicologia sociale. Utet Università: Torino. Italian translation by Mosso, C.

Assessment methods and criteria

written exam

Reference books
Activity Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Lezioni prof.ssa Trifiletti Crisp, R.J, & Turner, R.N. Psicologia sociale Utet Università 2013
Teaching aids
Title Format (Language, Size, Publication date)
1. Una breve introduzione  pdfpdf (it, 1257 KB, 26/06/17)
2. Attribuzione  pdfpdf (it, 1941 KB, 26/06/17)
3. Cognizione sociale  pdfpdf (it, 1342 KB, 01/05/17)
4. Atteggiamenti  pdfpdf (it, 1543 KB, 01/05/17)
5. il sé  pdfpdf (it, 1707 KB, 26/06/17)
6. Influenza sociale  pdfpdf (it, 950 KB, 26/06/17)
7. Pregiudizio  pdfpdf (it, 1441 KB, 26/06/17)
8. Le relazioni intergruppi  pdfpdf (it, 618 KB, 26/06/17)
9. Attaccamento Adulto  pdfpdf (it, 1217 KB, 26/06/17)
Programma a.a. 2016/17  pdfpdf (it, 970 KB, 24/04/17)