Sociology of Cultural Processes (2008/2009)

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Lorenzo Migliorati
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Sem. I A dal Oct 1, 2008 al Nov 16, 2008.

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Learning outcomes

This course aims to introduce the student to the mains themes of the culture as a relevant dimension of the action and social life.
It will be analyzed the specific perspective of sociology on culture starting from a multidisciplinary exploration (mainly anthropology and sociology) of the culture concept and by means of an historical excursus on the main thought sociological.
The analysis of dialectic of social reality (exteriorization, objectivation, interiorization) and of principals components of culture (values, rules, concepts, symbol) will be useful to learn the creation of cultural objects from the individuals and their relation with social world.
The second part will critically analyse modernity and radical modernity cultural dynamics, cultural globalisation and the concept of risk, viewed as a social phenomenon and cultural product which offer useful tools to understand specific dynamics of social change.


1) Sociological concept of culture and the problem of cultural sociology; 2) Social and dialectal construction of reality: exteriorization, objectivation, interiorization; 3) Modernity as cultural constellation, reflexive modernity, radical modernity; 4) The concept of risk as useful tools of social change.

Texts for the examination:

- P.L. Berger, T. Luckmann, La realtà come costruzione sociale, Il Mulino, Bologna, 1966;
- A. Giddens, Le conseguenze della modernità. Fiducia e rischio, sicurezza e pericolo, Il Mulino, Bologna, 1994;
- L. Migliorati, Rischio, una parola pericolosa. Uno studio sulla funzione sociale del rischio, QuiEdit, Verona, 2006;

Student who will not follow the lessons, will add to the examination program one of the texts listed below:

- Z. Bauman, Il teatro dell’immortalità: mortalità, immortalità e altre strategie di vita, Il Mulino, Bologna, 1995;
- U. Beck, La società del rischio. Verso una seconda modernità, Carocci, Roma, 2003;
- V. Cesareo, Società multietniche e multiculturalismi, Vita e Pensiero, Milano, 2000.

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral Examination

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