Theoretical and practical foundations of pedagogical hermeneutics

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January 1, 2015
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Human Sciences
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Loro Daniele
Hermeneutics, Education, History of hermeneutics

The research project on the theoretical and practical foundations of pedagogical hermeneutics is justified starting from the awareness that even in educational reality the question of interpretation is present, in a double sense: on the one hand the educator finds himself having to interpret the meaning of what he observes in the people he works with; on the other hand it is called to interpret the meaning and the way of concretizing, in the context in which it operates, the values and methodological principles that underlie every educational activity. Faced with this experiential evidence, there is an almost total lack of awareness among educators that the hermeneutical dimension is an integral part of one's work. It follows that this dimension is "in fact" present in the educational work but not in "right", because present in an "implicit" way, as it is not elevated to awareness and therefore to reflection.
Hence the need for a "targeted" research, through which the awareness of the presence of the hermeneutical question in educational work is first made explicit, in order to then search for both the theoretical (largely philosophical but not only) foundations, and the operative modalities. The final result will be the formulation of a hermeneutic and pedagogical knowledge; a knowledge that can be defined as pedagogical hermeneutics "applied" to educational work and in parallel also to pedagogical knowledge.


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Daniele Loro
Associate Professor
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Società inclusive e pratiche di cittadinanza
Theory and practice of education
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Interpretare l'educazione. Introduzione all'ermeneutica pedagogica Loro, Daniele 2016


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