The “Contagious” Spread of Cyber-aggression: The Role of Prototypicality of the Aggressor

Starting date
January 7, 2017
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Human Sciences
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Trifiletti Elena
cyber-aggression, cyber-bullysm, prototypicality

In this research, prototypicality of the aggressor will be tested as a group-level contextual factor predicting social media users’ active participation to cyberaggression. In a series of experimental studies, participants will be exposed to a fictitious conversation, in which either a highly prototypical or a low prototypical user has posted an aggressive comment as a reply to a provocative comment. We hypothesize that bystanders (our participants) will post an aggressive comment and rate the aggression as acceptable more in the highly prototypical than in the low prototypical condition.

Project participants

Elena Trifiletti
Associate Professor

Collaboratori esterni

Loris Vezzali
Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia Educazione e Scienze Umane


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