Towards the construction of a Territorial system of responsible tourism

Starting date
October 1, 2008
Duration (months)
Cultures and Civilizations
Managers or local contacts
Paini Anna Maria
Social networks, qualitative research, Cultural practice, Cultural goods, Territorial system of responsible tourism

The research group aims to reach the follow goals:
  1. Indentify the economical subjects working within the responsible tourism.
    With a specific attention to the new private sector practice (profit enterprises) of offering responsible tourism, as well as to the traditional subjects belonging to the “third sector”, the research tries to verify if these new tendencies are innovating the historical values of responsible tourism in the territory of Verona.
  2. Recognize the proper features of responsible tourism enterprises: motivations, practices, ideals and economic sustainability.
    It’s interesting to focus attention on human relations instead of places and on economic sustainability instead of economical growth.
  3. Monitoring the development process of a responsible touristic network.
    The particularity of developing sustainable tourism is to be found not only in the products and the relational practices but also in the organizing processes.
  4. Identify the bodies and itineraries of responsible tourism in the territory and point out new and informal ways to give hospitality with the following features:
    • providing the opportunity of interaction between people, sharing the daily routine and use of typical products, and at the same time being occasion of sustaining the recovery and the valorisation of the territory;
    • providing the tourist with the opportunity of knowing unexplored and unusual places, important for the recovery of the local knowledge;
    • preserving and sustaining the available resources (environment, inhabitants, enterprises, local products, knowledge, etc.) in order to promote economic and social growth with respect to equality and sustainable values;
    • promoting those local enterprises that sustain strategies of social inclusion;
    • planning flexible, variable offers and paying attention to the quality of the work and touristic experience.


Funds: assigned and managed by the department

Project participants

Federica De Cordova
Assistant Professor
Anna Maria Paini
Associate Professor


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