Francesco Tommasi

Foto,  November 8, 2021
PhD student
PhD programme in Human Sciences - 34° ciclo (October 1, 2018 - September 30, 2021)
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Francesco Tommasi is a PhD candidate in Human Sciences, curriculum in Psychology, University of Verona, Italy. His research interests can be dived into two broad areas: work and organizational psychology, and educational science. In the respect to the first, work and organizational psychology themes can be summarized; meaningful work and sources of meaning in work; individualization of work; decision-making process, debiasing and self-nudging intervention; critical perspectives in work and organizational psychology; employability and link proactive behaviour as a means for fostering individuals’ inclusion at work in the labour market. In the respect to the area of educational science, broad themes of interest are vocational education and training (VET); initial VET, soft skills; industry 4.0 and VET. These interests are supported by his published and under-review articles connected to his collaboration with the APRESO research group, the CARVET research centre of the University of Verona and his activity in national and international collaboration and projects.


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