Giuseppe Fornari

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Associate Professor
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Palazzo di Lettere,  Floor 2,  Room 2.03b
045 8028053
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Wednesday, Hours 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM,   Palazzo di Lettere, Floor 2, room 2.03b

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My research pertains to the History of Philosophy but takes it not as a defined and defining field but as a starting point for comprehending the history of thought in all its many historical expressions and the origin of human thinking as a symbolic activity having to do with the very cultural origin of man. Therefore, my research is transdisciplinary by definition, not in order to gather together heterogenous subject studies, but in order to reach a fuller and more organic view able to raise new interpretive and all-encompassing perspectives. This is the role played in my enquiries by a theoretical reflection on mediation meant as a collective experience necessary to generate human culture and make it effective in its different manifestations along time.  On this theoretical background, the privileged subjects of my enquiries are: the Greek thought, mainly in its archaic and classical phases, and with a particular attention to its relationship with the religious sphere and tragedy; the birth and early development of Judaism and Christianity; Renaissance as a critical and creative age determining the passage from middle ages to modernity; modern and contemporary philosophy focused on the thinkers who stress the specific meaning of man as a being capable both of knowing and becoming aware of its very origin as a “cognitive” being.


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