Francesco Vittori

FOTO CV,  March 24, 2022
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Post-doc Research Fellow
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Palazzo Zorzi-Polfranceschi,  Floor 2°,  Room 1.18  -  Palazzo Zorzi-Polfranceschi,  Floor 3°,  Room 2.26
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Francesco Vittori is a post-doc research fellow at the Department of Human Sciences in Pedagogy, Theories of Education and Social Education (SSD M-PED/01). His research spans and intertwines critical and social pedagogy, gender and intersectional studies, education for ecological citizenship, sustainable consumption-production practices, and agroecology as a transformative paradigm. His most recent contributions have been published in national and international journals such as Environmental Innovation and Societal Transition (2024), Scuola Democratica (2024), Formazione & Insegnamento (2023), Cultura pedagogica e scenari educativi (2023), Journal of Educational, Cultural and Psychological Studies (2023), Journal of Rural Studies (2023) e MeTis – Mondi educativi. Temi, indagini, suggestioni (2022).


He began his research career by obtaining a PhD in Human Capital Formation and Labor Market Relations at the University of Bergamo (Dept. Human and Social Sciences) with the research project "Feeding Cities: The Potential of Sustainable Agriculture for Economic and Social Development." His thesis relates the contributions of social movement theory and literature on alternative agri-food networks, comparing ongoing multi-level social, political and economic dynamics in sustainable agriculture in Europe (Northern Italy) and Latin America (Southern Brazil).

Since 2020, he has been coordinating the research project "Formal education in the Landless Workers' Movement: Between Agrarian Reform, Agroecology, and Gender Issues" in collaboration with Professors Antonia De Vita, Aldo Marchetti, Paolo Vittoria, the MST-Italy committee, and the Brazilian representatives of the Landless Rural Workers' Movement who participated in co-designing the project.

Currently, he is involved in the HORIZON2020 project "Skills4Justice" under the scientific supervision of Prof. Dr. Paola Dusi. Previously, he collaborated and provided support to the coordination of the national research project "Female Bullying in Schools: An Intersectional Mixed-Method Investigation", supervised and coordinated by Prof. Dr Antonia De Vita (University of Verona) and Prof Dr Giuseppe Burgio (University of Enna "Kore").


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