Massimiliano Badino

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Temporary Assistant Professor
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SH6_13 - Cultural history, history of collective identities and memories

SH6_14 - History of Science, Medicine and Technologies Physical Sciences and Engineering PEI Mathematics: All areas of mathematics, pure and applied, plus mathematical foundations of computer science, mathematical physics and statistics

SH4_13 - Philosophy of science, epistemology and logic

SH3_13 - Science and technology studies

Palazzo di Lettere,  Floor 2,  Room 9
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Friday, Hours 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM,   Palazzo di Lettere, Floor 2, room 9


Massimiliano Badino is a researcher of logic and philosophy of science. His research sits at the boundary between history and philosophy of science. On the historical side, He is interested in the development of mathematical physics from the Enlightenment to present times. On the philosophical side, his approach aims at opening a conversation between the tradition of continental epistemology and analytical philosophy. In particular, his work focuses upon the dynamics of scientific concepts over time, the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge within the social context, and scientific realism. Currently, He is investigating the intersections between politics, ethics, and scientific research with the goal of elaborating a political epistemology along the direction previously indicated by Jürgen Haberman and Joseph Rouse.

He likes to deal with science in the making and He doesn't shy away from the most technical aspects. During his career He has always closely collaborated with working scientists, an experience that has turned him into an engaged and dedicated advocate of the cooperation between natural sciences and humanities.

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Research groups

Departmental Interdisciplinary Research-RESEARCH ETHICS (ARIdip - RESEARCH ETHICS)
The Research Ethics Group deals with the role of ethics and politics in the production of scientific knowledge.
Research interests
Topic Description Research area
Historical-epistemological Approach This approach aims at situating historically and culturally classical problems of epistemology with the goal of providing us with a more thorough philosophical analysis of the process of production and dissemination of scientific knowledge Metodi di ricerca nelle scienze umane
Political Epistemology Traditionally, epistemology is kept sharply apart from social and political issues. By contrast, political epistemology tackles epistemological problems on the assumption that knowledge production is a situated process occurring within a ethical, social, political, and cultural context. Furthermore, political epistemology reconfigures the key epistemological questions from the standpoint of their impact on society at large. Metodi di ricerca nelle scienze umane
Practice-based Philosophy of Science To understand how science works, one needs to work with those who actively make science. Cooperation between humanities and natural sciences is essential for both practitioners and calls for honing of a specific openmindedness, a quick conceptual flexibility and the willingness to transcend one's own mental frameworks. Metodi di ricerca nelle scienze umane
Title Starting date
L'Europa e l'antropocene: prospettive scientifiche, sociali, politiche e filosofiche sul cambiamento climatico 1/23/19


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