Animazione teatrale (2007/2008)

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Rita Severi
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Sem. II B dal Apr 21, 2008 al May 31, 2008.

Lesson timetable

Learning outcomes

The first and foremost aim of the course is to make the study of what is called the entertainment world as enjoyable as possible. The main objective this year will be to work on dramatic adaptations of fairy-tales.


This year we will concentrate on how stories, in particular, modern fairy tales can be adapted for the stage. The students will first read thoroughly, analyze and then discuss the texts of the fairy tales. During group sessions in which the main elements of both the narrative genre and the dramatic genre are compared, they will be guided in re-writing the texts as dramatic scripts. The students will have to exercise theirs creative writing skills as they acquire a working knowledge of the theoretical elements that underlie the dramatic text.



O. Wilde, The Selfish Giant; The Happy Prince; The Birthday of the Infanta; (Penguin ed.)
G. Rodari, I nani di Mantova (Giunti ed.)

T. Conte, Le parole del teatro, Einaudi 2006
T. Conte, Facciamo insieme teatro, Einaudi 2001
(A list of English critical texts will be handed during classes)

Assessment methods and criteria

The exam is essentially an oral exam during which the students will have to describe the process of re-writing the fairy tales in a dramatic form, using the correct critical terminology, and act out part of their adaptation. Students who hand in their written adaptations will obtain a fuller evaluation.