School and education theories - PEDAGOGIA GENERALE (2021/2022)

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Luigina Mortari
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Periodo lezioni CS24 dal Dec 1, 2021 al May 30, 2022.

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Learning outcomes

To understand the core concepts that found the educative direction that the student chooses to study in deep.


In the Premise to the National Programs for Italian school there are indicated the educative directions that give form to the educational process. Every teacher is asked to know and to act didactically within this framework: cognitive, emotional, ethical, aesthetically, spiritual, political (democratic citizenship).
The bibliography presents textbooks that argue these directions.
Every student will choose one of this texts, related to a specific educative direction:

Emotional: L. Mortari, La sapienza del cuore, Milano: Raffaello Cortina,
Cognitive: L. Mortari, A scuola di libertà, Milano: Raffello Cortina, 2009.
Ethical: L. Mortari, MelArete. Vol,I. Milano: Vita e pensiero., 2019
Citizenship: L. Mortari, Educazione ecologica. Bari: Laterza 2020.

Reference books

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Assessment methods and criteria

Writing a document that synthesizes the core concepts of the book chosen:
• What are the core concepts of the textbook?
• What are the educative paths emerging from the textbook?

criteria of evaluation: the level of exhaustivity and depth of the text analysis.