Anthropology - PEDAGOGIA SPECIALE (2020/2021)

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Angelo Lascioli
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Periodo lezioni PF24 dal Mar 22, 2021 al Jun 15, 2021.

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Learning outcomes

Analysis of the relationship between training, education, instruction and learning processes in the perspective of an inclusive school.
Pedagogical-didactic theories and models of the educational relationship in inclusive educational contexts, with reference to the role and functions of the various players in the school system in the creation of an inclusive educational offer.
Indications and perspectives for responding to the right to education of pupils with disabilities and who experience conditions of special educational need, with references to international documents and Italian school legislation on educational inclusion


1. The inclusive challenge;
2. The meaning of “inclusive education”: with reference to international documents on inclusion;
3. Definition and meanings of Special Educational Need;
4. The transition from the school of integration to the school of inclusion (from Law 517/77 to Legislative Decree 66/2017 on the scholastic inclusion of students with disabilities);
5. The actors and protagonists of inclusive education: references to Legislative Decree no. 66/2017;
6. The meaning of disability according to the WHO and the UN and the repercussions in terms of didactic action;
7. The special educational approach: what does special education mean?
8. What are Specific Learning Disorders (SLD)?
9. Pedagogical-didactic orientations regarding SLD;
10. Pedagogical-didactic guidelines on BES;
11. Pedagogical-didactic guidelines on the subject of Disability and brief notes on the new IEP models recently published by the Ministry of Education;
12. The paradigms (theoretical and methodological) of inclusive education.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Lascioli Angelo Verso l'Inclusive Education Editrice Del Rosone 2014 9788898936090

Assessment methods and criteria

The assessment of learning will take place through a written test which will consist in the presentation of a series of closed questions (multiple choice questions). The evaluation criteria will be indicated during the course.