Laboratory - Methods and teaching of motor activities [Gruppo 3] (2020/2021)

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Nicola Rovetti
Nicola Rovetti
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PERIODO dal Dec 6, 2021 al Jul 31, 2022.

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The laboratory will be divided into 3 modules:
1. The 1st module will have body and report as title. The following topics will be covered: body awareness, non-verbal communication, contact and trust.
2. The 2nd module entitled “play as a way of learning and change” will develop the themes of
spontaneous play: creation of the work setting; observation and understanding of the functioning of people in the exploration of free play.
from unstructured play to structured play: the deconstruction and structuring of game situations and playful-motor situations as a learning path
structured game: sociomotricity as a tool for observation and development of social skills; collaborative games for the development of cooperative attitudes; presport and sports games.
3. The 3rd module will deal with the organization and management of activities in the natural environment in order to promote integration between the children in the class.

Reference books
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Assessment methods and criteria

The examination procedures include the evaluation of the group work that the participants in the laboratory will carry out in the second and third meeting relating to the game. Furthermore, participation in each single meeting will be evaluated, both as a demonstration of interest, involvement, in-depth study and capacity for reflection and comparison.