Special Pedagogy (2019/2020)

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Angelo Luigi Sangalli
Angelo Luigi Sangalli
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Sem. 2A dal Feb 17, 2020 al Mar 28, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

The Pedagogical Project
Special Pedagogy: the field of study.
Assessment, designing and planning of the educational practice: the Pedagogical Special Project.
Training in intellectual and sensory disabilities for educators.
Teacher training.
Individualised design and special educational practise (skills related to school, functional skills, personal evolution, job placement, social participation, etc.).
Logical-dispositional maps.
Life project and paths to adulthood in the presence of disabilities.
Special educational practice and ICF.
The generative paradigm of educational intervention supporting people with special needs.


The course is aimed at gaining familiarity with the main pedagogical and special educational problems related to educational work with people with disabilities.
In particular, trainees will be provided with keys to understanding cultural, educational, relational and operational needs of personnel and organisations that work in social context.
Particular attention will be devoted to the training of educators, teachers and caregivers. During the course, the Special Pedagogical Project will be presented in its basic elements: educational planning, programming and assessment.
At the end of the module, the participants will be able to demonstrate the following:
- Knowledge of the area of study of special pedagogy, incl. its specific language and the fundamental theoretical and methodological references in the field of disability.
- Knowledge of the characteristics of the special educational practice; how to plan a special educational intervention, being able to distinguish between different types of disabilities, deficits and various forms of special educational needs.
- Ability to set up training projects for teachers, educators and those who deal with disability.
- Knowledge of the logics that inform educational practice and special teaching methods.
- Knowledge and competence in using some ICF-based tools for designing and assessing the interventions.
- Ability to identify the main needs for development of the organisations that operate in the field of disability.

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Assessment methods and criteria

The exam it will be oral. Via ZOOM.