Laboratory - Didactics of education and anthropological area [Gruppo 6] (2019/2020)

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Vincenzo Mastria
Vincenzo Mastria
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Didattico dal Nov 16, 2020 al Jun 30, 2021.

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- The ministerial indications concerning the anthropological area, the key competences for lifelong learning of the European Council and the Guidelines for the teaching of civic education

- The theme of school inclusivity and the essential elements for inclusive education

- Cooperative learning as a strategy for inclusive teaching and the role of the teacher in the design of cooperative and inclusive activities

- Teaching methodologies that aim to stimulate learning and promote inclusion: role-playing and gamification. Design and simulation of educational activities related to the anthropological area in the secondary school

- The study of history and geography as a starting point to gain awareness of the major issues of environmental, economic and social education, intercultural education and to promote an active citizenship (with a focus on digital citizenship), in an interdisciplinary and inclusive perspective

- Educational support tools to facilitate learning in the anthropological area

- Design of inclusive educational projects in the field of civic education in simulated situations (using the methodology of Situated Learning Episodes) and creation of multimedia works

- The importance of meta-cognition for a fully inclusive learning.
Comparison in itinere and final group reflection on workshop activities (hypothesized and/or experienced) in the area of anthropology and education

Assessment methods and criteria

Evaluation is expressed in thirtieths

Process evaluation: 15 points

The process evaluation will take into account the degree of participation and interaction. In particular, it is positively evaluated the ability to listen actively, proactively and cooperatively in team working

Product evaluation: 15 points

The presentation of the multimedia product regarding the planned didactic itinerary will be evaluated (the clarity of the presentation, creativity and appropriate use of new technologies will be positively evaluated)