Integrated models of psycho-educational intervention for intellectual disability and pervasive developmental disorders (lower and higher secondary school) (2018/2019)

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Laura Fontecedro
Laura Fontecedro
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Periodo didattico dal Jul 1, 2019 al Mar 31, 2020.

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1) Know and understand the basic theoretical nodes, the main methodological tools and the observational and evaluative techniques necessary for the understanding of the development and learning processes in secondary school students with intellectual disability and with generalized developmental disorders in an integrated approach psychological / evolutionary, neurobiological, based on individual differences, family styles and risk factors / protection factors.
2) Demonstrate autonomous capacity for definition, observation and reflection in reference to the development and learning processes of students with intellectual disabilities and with generalized developmental disorders.
3) Know and understand the tools that can be adopted in a school context in the presence of intellectual disability and generalized developmental disorders, showing the ability to apply the acquired knowledge, also through the expression of appropriate communication and relational skills.
4) Identify the processes necessary for the promotion of interventions aimed at well-being and school inclusion with the formulation of work plans based on autonomous, critical and personalized approaches, in line with the legislative and procedural aspects related to intellectual disability and pervasive generalized disorders of development.

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