Social and citizenship rights - DIRITTO DELLA FAMIGLIA E DEI MINORI (2014/2015)

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Alessandra Cordiano
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Semestrino IA dal Sep 29, 2014 al Nov 8, 2014.

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Learning outcomes

The course generally intends to analyse the italian family law: husband and wife relationships (e.g. marriage voidance and dissolution) and parental care.
The topics will be addressed with particular attention to the theoretical and practical implications on social work, stimulating students to critically and constructively analyse abuot legal principles governing individuals, the family and juveniles, including in terms of legislative developments.


For attending students:
Family law and family relationships: new family models.
The courts and administrative bodies charged with protecting family and juveniles: juvenile justice (functions, structure, division of powers among various bodies, prospects for reform); social services and juveniles; interaction between the administrative authorities and the courts.
Separation and dissolution of marriage and minors protection.
Protection from domestic violence.
Filiation: Parental responsibility, limits to and lapse of parental authority, and removal of children from their parents' custody.
Adoption and foster care.

For no attending students:
Family law and family relationships.
Contract of marriage. Void and voidable marriage.
Matrimonial property law and family arrengements.
Separation and dissolution of marriage.
Filiation and adoption of the childrend. Parent and child relationships (guardianship and maintenance).
F. RUSCELLO, Compendio di diritto di famiglia, Amon, 2014

Suggest use of the last edition of civil Code.

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral examination.