Community health - MEDICINA DELLE DIPENDENZE (2014/2015)

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Aldo Eliano Polettini
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Semestrino IB dal Nov 10, 2014 al Dec 20, 2014.

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Learning outcomes

To illustrate fundamentals of Toxicology as applied to Addiction Medicine, with reference to the effects of alcohol and drugs of abuse, to their clinical and social impact, to the diagnostic aspects, specific laws and acts, to the therapies for rehabilitation from drug addiction and the evaluation of their outcome.


1. Introduction: Fundamentals of Addiction Medicine
2. Substances of abuse: features, acute and chronic effects
3. Driving under influence of alcohol and drugs: relationships between substance abuse and car crashes
4. The administrative/medicolegal diagnosis of acute/chronic abuse of alcohol and drugs: methodologies, relevance and implications
5. The most relevant laws and acts: Penal Code, Drugs of Abuse Law, Road Traffic Code, Workplace Drug Testing Law.
6. Pharmacological and Drug-free therapies for the treatment and rehabilitation of substance addiction, and evaluation of their outcomes.

Assessment methods and criteria

written questionnaire + oral inteview