Special Pedagogy (s) (2009/2010)

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Francesco Larocca
Francesco Larocca
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Sem. 2A dal Feb 22, 2010 al Apr 18, 2010.

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Learning outcomes

The Corsican aims to increasing the pedagogical and educational issues of disabilities. He character of initiation into epistemological and methodological research-teaching. The student, depending on his experiences, is guided to address the most suitable ways of thought and attitude making it able to establish contacts with valid educativamente those with limited mobility, sensory and mental.


1)The general epistemology of the human sciences offer an opportunity to address the issue of the merits of pedagogical research in special education. The problems emerging are set according to a pedagogical vision that sees the place of education in theoretical privileged. This epistemology prasseologica is compared with other modes of research in the most problematic aspects to offer students concrete criteria guiding research in the field.
2) Issues of special needs
The problems of differential diagnosis and functional deficits and disabilities help the scholar to seize the personal circumstances of individual educational entities blind, deaf, spasticity, trisomici, weak mental craniolesi, psychotic, autistic, neurotic, etc. ..
3) People and neural plasticity
The issue tackled monograph covers the latest discoveries of neurophysiology of the neocortex interpreted interdisciplinary way and with respect to the issues of philosophical personalism.

- Larocca F., Azione mirata. Per una metodologia della ricerca in educazione
speciale, Franco Angeli, Milano, 2003.
- Larocca F., Nei frammenti l’intero, Franco Angeli, Milano, 1999.

The student integrates the bibliography of Corsican with a choice of volumes recommended During the Corsican.

Teaching Methods
Lessons front and workshops (open meetings) with in-depth discussions
Constitute ordinary mode of Corsican.

Assessment methods and criteria

The oral examination is in part an issue at the choice of candidate. It concludes with a self-evaluation.