Greek literature A (i) (2009/2010)

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Lezioni I 5 I semestre Guido Avezzu'
Esercitazioni I 1 I semestre Paolo Scattolin

Learning outcomes

This course’s aim is to offer a suitable knowledge of the formal and historical elements of ancient Greek literature (shapes, models, relation with contemporary society: archaic and classic period) through readings, commentary and a direct analysis of the texts, approached in the original language.


Prerequisite: The knowledge of the ancient Greek is a required condition. The Faculty provides beginners’ classes since the first year for students without this prerequisite.

(a) Homer, Iliad, Book 5;
(b) Lysias, Speech 25;
(c) Ancient Greek literature: from Homer to the 5th century B.C.

(a) (1) Omero. Iliade VI, a cura di E. Magnelli (Scandicci, La Nuova Italia 2004); or Omero. Iliade VI, a cura di F. Robecchi (Roma, Soc. Ed. Dante Alighieri 1996).
(2) F. Montanari, Introduzione a Omero. Con un’appendice su Esiodo, Milano, Sansoni 1997. The Iliad: A Commentary, Vol. II: Books 5-8, ed. by G.S. Kirk, Oxford 1990 (pp. 1-50; 155-229), and the Introduction to Vol. I (Oxford 1985), pp. 1-37. Further bibliography will be given during the lectures.
(b) (1) Lisia, Difesa dall’accusa di attentato alla democrazia, a cura di D. Piovan, Padova, Antenore 2008.
(2) Further bibliography will be given during the lectures.
(c) L.E. Rossi – R. Nicolai, Storia e testi della letteratura greca, Firenze, Le Monnier, voll. 1, 2A e 2B.

Teaching method: Lectures + practices.

Practices (Dott. Paolo Scattolin): Introduction to Greek metre: dactilic exameter and iambic trimeter.

Assessment methods and criteria

Tests and final exam are scheduled

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