Statistic Methods for Social Science (descriptive analysis) (2007/2008)

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Franco Bressan
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Sem. I dal Oct 1, 2007 al Dec 18, 2007.

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Learning outcomes

Statistic Methods for the Social Sciences: Descriptive analysis, proposes himself to familiarize the students with the fundamental methodologies of the scientific search, gradually bringing them to the discovery of the problems connected with the construction of the statistic information. Potentiality and limits of the same will broadly be characterized. Some information of demografic nature, even if not indicated in the program will be utilized as operational support for the development of some methodologies. In this first part of the course of statistics some tools will be developed and students can deep some methodologies more functional to the description of the statistic collective. The use of a "spreadsheet through P.C." will allow an exemplification of some problems merging in class.


-Introductory general concepts: concept of Statistic, general definitions, the statistic surveys.
-Measure scales.
-The phases of the search: preliminary phase, of planning, the questionnaire.
-Survey: classification and tab of the data. Problem of the grouping of the data in classes; meaning of the frequencies.
-Graphic representations.
-Averages of position. Mode, Median and quartiles.
-Elaboration of the data: the arithmetic average, the geometric average, the harmonic average. Relationships of composition, of derivation, of duration.
-The variability and his/her measure:
-R of the gini
-Two input Tables and multiple input Tables. Independence in such case.
-Cloud of points - Regression, non linear (sign) regression.
-Interpolating straight line - Coefficient of linear correlation and his/her meaning
-Parameters of the interpolating straight line gotten with the so-called one "method of the moments"

Texts for the examination:
Delvecchio F., Statistica per la ricerca sociale ;Cacucci Editore, Bari, 1987.

Assessment methods and criteria

Teacher will arrange with the students for a check written able to replace big part of the oral one.
We intend to underline that this written check is absolutely optional and the standard typology of examination is therefore the oral one.