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Entrepreneurial Competences and Organizational Behavior (2016/19)

The research group focuses on the analysis of the business-entrepreneur-environment relations with the objective to identifying models to study the organizational behavior and the entrepreneurial competences that prove effective in the development of the local economy.The main publication of the group are the following:

  • Leitao, J., Cubico, S., Vannuccini, S. (2017). From Cluster to Learning Open Innovative Industrial District. Proceeding of the 24° APDR Congress – Associação Portuguesa para o Desenvolvimento Regional/Portuguese Association for Regional Development - “Intellectual Capital and Regional Development. New Landscapes and Challenges for Planning the Space” (Covilha, Portugal, July 06-07) [isbn 978-989-8780-05-8]
  • Cubico, S., Favretto, G., Ardolino, P., Noventa, S., Bellini, D., Gianesini, G., Leitão, J. (2017). Family Business and Entrepreneurship: Competencies and Organizational Behavior. In Devezas T., Leitão J., Sarygulov A. (Eds), Industry 4.0 Entrepreneurship and Structural Change in the New Digital Landscape (pp. 333-347). Switzerland (Cham): Springer
  • Noventa, S., Cubico, S., Ardolino, P., Favretto, G., Leitão, J. (2016). Assessing the Relation between Entrepreneurial Environment and Institutions and Aptitude towards Entrepreneurship: an Experience in Veneto’s Vocational Schools. In Leitão, J., Alvez, H. (Eds), Entrepreneurial and innovative Practices in Public Institutions (pp. 293-318). Switzerland (Cham): Springer
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Giuseppe Favretto

Serena Cubico
Associate Professor (Department Business Administration)
Giuseppe Favretto
Temporary Professor
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Joao Leitao
University of Beira Interior
Topic Research area
Human resources management and organizational well being Studi organizzativi Organizational studies
Entrepreneurial competences Imprenditorialità Entrepreneurship
Organizational behavior Studi organizzativi Organizational studies
Organizational behavior and behavioral economics Studi organizzativi Organizational studies
Entrepreneurship development Imprenditorialità Entrepreneurship
Human resources management Studi organizzativi Organizational studies


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