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Entrepreneuship competences variables: ideas, resources, actions, and gender issue (2017/19)

The research group aims to identify a model of entrepreneurial competences in relation to the performance of SMEs in the different stages of their development (birth, growth, generational transition) also in relation to the issues of diversity management in organization. The main publications of the group are the following:

  • Sentuti, A., Cesaroni, F.M., Cubico, S. (2018). Women in Family Firms: A Structured Literature Review. In Azevedo, A., Mesquita, A. (Eds.) Proceeding of International Conference on Gender Research (ICGR 2018) (pp. 407-416). Porto, Portugal [ISBN 978-1-5108-6187-9]
  • Cubico, S., Gianesini, G., Favretto, G., Cesaroni, F.M., Sentuti, A., Pajardi, D. (2017). Exploring Students’ Entrepreneurial Ideas, Resources, and Actions The EntreComp Framework. Papers of RENT XXXI - Research in Entrepreneurship and Small Business (Lund, Sweden) [issn 2219-5572]
  • Sentuti, A. Cesaroni, F. M. Cubico, S. (2017). Women in Family Businesses: Recent Debates and Future Directions. Papers of RENT XXXI - Research in Entrepreneurship and Small Business (Lund, Sweden) [issn 2219-5572]
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Giuseppe Favretto

Serena Cubico
Associate Professor (Department Business Administration)
Giuseppe Favretto
Temporary Professor
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Francesca Maria Cesaroni
Università di Urbino
Annalisa Sentuti
Università di Urbino
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Human resources management and organizational well being Studi organizzativi Organizational studies
Entrepreneurial competences Imprenditorialità Entrepreneurship
Organizational behavior Studi organizzativi Organizational studies
Organizational behavior and behavioral economics Studi organizzativi Organizational studies
Entrepreneurship development Imprenditorialità Entrepreneurship
Human resources management Studi organizzativi Organizational studies


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