Degree in Philosophy

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The degree course in Philosophy aims to provide a thorough background knowledge of the history of philosophical and scientific thought from ancient times to the present. It also aims to give a broad outlook on information about present debates within the various philosophical research areas (theoretical, logical, epistemological, linguistic, aesthetic, ethic, religious and political). It also aims at providing a good knowledge of the terminology and methods regarding problem analysis, argumentative modalities and how to approach texts, as well as to teach skills in the problems of applied ethics (bioethics, business ethics, work ethics, ethics and politics, ethics and economy, ethics and communication). To this end the course also aims at developing students' knowledge and skills in using, both in written form and orally, at least one European Union language, besides Italian, as well as to teach adequate skills in and the use of communication and information management tools.

Course details

Degree type
3 years
Degree class
29 - Undergraduate degree in philosophy
Supervisory body
Council for the Philosophy Degree Course
Teaching and course administration
Operational unit Humanistic Studies Teaching and Student Services Unit
Main Department
Human Sciences
Macro area
Subject area
Education, Philosophy and Social Work