Over the past few decades, the world has witnessed many profound social, economic, and social changes that have sharply affected human communities internationally, nationally, and locally. One of the consequences of these large-scale trends is that diversity and inclusion have become one of the most critical and challenging issues facing communities and organizations worldwide.
The ID Interdisciplinary Research Center, Inclusion & Diversity, at a time when rapid economic, demographic and social changes are redefining human communities internationally, nationally, and locally, aims to enhance the scientific knowledge on diversity and inclusion and to significantly contribute to the bottom-up redefinition of socio-relational paradigms, in terms of equity and social justice, through the collaboration with local institutions and non-profit groups.

By virtue of its key role, the topic of diversity and inclusion is currently addressed in various scientific fields. Also, for this reason, in placing the relationships between people, groups and institutions at the heart of its activities, the ID Interdisciplinary Research Center assumes an interdisciplinary perspective, by focusing on intersectionality, recognition, and mutual respect as core issues.

By adopting an interdisciplinary approach that combines education, social psychology, and sociology theories and methods, the ID Interdisciplinary research center aims to:
• serve as a generative space where issues surrounding diversity and inclusion can be conceptualized, explored, nurtured, shared and promoted.
• create opportunities for the recognition of diversity in its many forms (gender, social status, religious, cultural, ethnic, etc.), and for inclusion in social and organizational contexts;
• increase knowledge and awareness of the existence of multiple points of view, to promote
• relational and cultural skills and their application in different contexts;
• represent a point of reference in the education of students by promoting a university environment that supports diversity and its intersectionality;
• enhance awareness of diversity into the community;
• promote the culture of recognition and respect.
Id Interdisciplinary Research Center focuses on the following topics of interest:
• Multiple facets of human diversity
• Belonging and Sense of Identity
• Culture, Politics, and Education of Recognition
• Cognitive and affective processes underlying diversity at the individual, social and institutional level
• Community, School and Families interactions
• Social justice

External components
Audrey Addi-Raccah
University of Tel Aviv
Immaculada Gonzalez Falcon
University of Huelva
Paolo Nitti
Centro Interculturale di Torino
Giuseppe Burgio
Università Korè - Enna
Vicky Macleroy
Goldsmiths, University of London

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