OSCF - Observatory on the consumption of families

The Observatory on the consumption of families (OSCF) at the Department of Human Sciences at the University of Verona was founded by a group of sociologists currently in the Department who specialise in consumption issues. It has evolved from a previous observatory established in collaboration with the SWG research company in Trieste. The aim of the OSCF is to develop and disseminate studies and observations on the world of consumption both in terms of results and research methodology. In addition to research linked to specific contexts, the OSCF monitors the consumption strategies and lifestyle of Italian families, currently on a two-yearly basis, and produces newsletters (available on the OSCF website) and research reports that summarise the main phenomena identified through its work. The scientific output of the OSCF can be found in its self-produced newsletters and media reports, the Italian Sociological Review, the book series “Sociologia e Ricerca Sociale” published by QuiEdit in Verona, and the book series “Strutture e culture sociali” published by FrancoAngeli in Milan.

External components
Marco Carradore
Università degli Studi di Verona
Lorenzo Migliorati
Università di Bergamo
Francesca Setiffi
Università di Padova
Paola Di NIcola
Università di Verona
Domenico Secondulfo


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