Hannah Arendt Center

Centro di studi politici Hannah Arendt - Università di Verona
The Hannah Arendt Center for Political Studies, founded in 2016, is a research institution that aims at connecting Arendtian academic scholarship with present-oriented political research from an interdisciplinary perspective that brings together the human and social sciences. To this end, the Center brings together scholars involved in different research areas and relies on a wide network of scientific relationships and collaborations, both national and international.

As a place of research, the Center addresses both theoretical and historical aspects of the “Arendtian studies”. It also addresses important emerging political issues for a better understanding of the contemporary world, such as: political freedom, public happiness and democracy; citizenship, power and violence, inclusion and exclusion; the impact of globalization processes on the political sphere, the growing political relevance of economics and international law; political implications of economic and social change in late modernity, also with reference to educational and professional processes.

A specific interest is reserved to the political dimensions of issues traditionally associated with the private sphere, such as sexuality and gender, maternity, care and vulnerability.
As a place for public debate and democratic training, the “Hannah Arendt” Center aims to extend the practice of philosophical and political thinking beyond academic and/or professional boundaries, qualifying as an educational site at large, where cultural debates take place, in collaboration with others active in the public sphere. We intend to promote critical thinking and diffuse knowledge and debates on politics and the “world we have in common”.
Adriana Cavarero
Consiglio Direttivo
Olivia Guaraldo
Luca Mori
Consiglio Direttivo
Matteo Nicolini
Consiglio Direttivo
Ilaria Possenti
Consiglio Direttivo
External components
Etienne Balibar
Kingston University London
Roger Berkowitz
Bard College, Annandale - on - Hudson, New York
Fina Birulés
Universitat de Barcelona
Simona Forti
Università del Piemonte Orientale
Anabel Herzog
University of Haifa
Paolo Napoli
École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales
Maria Tamboukou
University of East London
Seyla Benhabib
Yale University
Peg Birmingham
De Paul University, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Judith Butler
University of California, Berkeley
Antonia Grunenberg
Carl von Ossietzky - University Oldenburg
Bonnie Honig
Brown University
Kari Palonen
University of Jyväskylä
Dana Villa
University of Notre Dame

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