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The "Research of Gnoseology and Metaphysics" Centre is an interdisciplinary centre for advanced researches and has research and training as its main purposes: it brings together both professors and researchers who deal with theoretical and historical studies concerning knowledge, ontology, and the issues implied in, with particular attention to the Modern and Contemporary philosophical debate.

The main reference point is the critical method of "pure elemental gnoseology" or "philosophy of immediate, elementary, whole experience" of Giuseppe Zamboni (1875-1950), but the Research Centre focuses also on the contemporary thought and, in particular, on the phenomenological and psychological disciplines.

Priorities of the "Research of Gnoseology and Metaphysics" Centre includes:

1) confirmation of the critical-experimental method as essential for the examination of the whole reality (including social ontology and relative entities);
2) reaffirmation of the central role played by human person, as experimental core of an ontology conceived in a strong sense;
3) encouragement of the investigations concerning the issue of knowledge and metaphysics, paying attention to the international debate about those topics, in a close relationship with European and international similar Research Centres.

The "Research of Gnoseology and Metaphysics" Centre intends to organize seminars, conferences, workshops on the above-mentioned topics and aims to establish relationships in order to share informations, databases, etc. with other Research Centres, Public Institutions and Private Associations operating both in the national and in the international context. It will utilise a dedicate website, in connection to the critical editions of philosophical texts and the publication of papers/essays/articles axed on the topics of the Centre and linked to its areas of interests.

Reference Bodies and Persons

Members of the Centre:
• Prof. F.L. Marcolungo (Presidente);
• Prof. D. Poggi (Segretario);
• Prof. E. Peruzzi;
• Prof. M. Moretto;
• Prof. G. Erle;
• Dott.ssa L. Procuranti.

Scientific Committee:
• Prof. L. Malusa;
• Prof. G. Piaia;
• Prof. M. Marassi;
• Prof. D. Sacchi;
• Prof. F. Botturi;
• Prof. A. Russo;
• Prof. S. Besoli;
• Prof. E. Peruzzi;
• Prof. F.L. Marcolungo;
• Prof. M. Moretto;
• Prof. R. Pozzo;
• Prof. M.G. Lombardo.

Organizing Committee:
• Prof. Ferdinando Luigi Marcolungo;
• Prof. Riccardo Pozzo;
• Prof. Enrico Peruzzi;
• Prof. Giorgio Erle;
• Prof. Davide Poggi;
• Dott.ssa L. Procuranti.

Collaborators of the Centre:
• Prof. A. La Russa;
• Dott. S.F. Tadini;
• Dott. D. Migliorini;
• Dott. L. Vitale;
• Dott. G. Battistoni;
• Dott. F. Lazzarin;
• Dott. I. Valbusa.

The collaborators of the Centre are not defined in an absolute sense: the Centre could eventually include doctoral students whose areas of study and research are similar to those of the Centre.
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Giulia Battistoni
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Ferdinando Luigi Marcolungo
Membro fondatore
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Membro fondatore
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Davide Poggi
Lucia Procuranti
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Rita Ivana Riolfi
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Lucia Vantini
Lorenzo Vitale
External components
Francesco Ambrosio
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