Sergio Cecchi
Assistant Professor
Paola Di Nicola
Full Professor
Luca Mori
Assistant Professor
Sandro Stanzani
Associate Professor
Luigi Tronca
Full Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Social capital Luigi Tronca
Theoretical and empirical analysis of the concept of social capital, particularly starting from a relational and structural interactionist approach.
Social capital and network analysis Paola Di Nicola
Specific objects of study and research: changes in membership networks at individual and community level. The help relationships activated in primary social networks (family, kinship, friendship, neighborhood) and secondary (associations). Study of changes in the forms and contents of support networks with the help of network analisys techniques. Study of primary and secondary social capital with the aid of network analysis techniques. Forms of social capital and relations of eu- or dis-functionality with respect to welfare policies
Social Work Sergio Cecchi
Study of the methodology of the social service. Study and research on methodological aspects and their applications in professional practice.
Sociology of imaginary Luca Mori
the study of social imaginary in its phenomenology and its deep structures
Third Sector Sandro Stanzani
Areas of theoretical and empirical research on this topic: sociological analysis of identity and role of the third sector in complex societies; empirical investigations on the size of the third sector in Italy; empirical investigations on motivations and culture of members of third sector organizations; theoretical and empirical analysis of the correlation between third sector membership and social capital.


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