Gianluca Solla
Associate Professor
Tommaso Tuppini
Associate Professor
Research interests
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Philosophy of images Gianluca Solla
It is a field of research dedicated to photography and cinema, as well as to the images of memory, as they contribute to the formation of the processes of subjectivation, in their relationship with language.
Ontology of relation Tommaso Tuppini
Ontology of relation tries to rethink the experience of the relation in a concrete way: the terms of the relation are not already given, they become functions of the relation itself. The relation is the genesis of the related terms and can only be understood by a thought of continuity and intensity.
French Thought of Difference Tommaso Tuppini
Rethinking the contribution of French philosophy of the second half of the Twentieth century to the philosophy of difference, in particular from Deleuze and Derrida to the thought of complexity of Edgar Morin


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