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Paola Dal Toso
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Daniele Loro
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Religious education with particular reference to the experienced youth world. Paola Dal Toso
Youth world is so complex that it is difficult to understand it: at a superficial sight it can appear as portended to evanescent and banal dimensions. Researches attest that there is a growing number of self-reporting young people as non-believer, even if they attended catechesis and parish life. They have a so lacking knowledge of faith contents that it seems that religion has nothing to tell them. Otherwise, other researches put in evidence that young people are in search of the sense of life, looking for the “absolute”: God is not absent from their existential horizon. They are not churchgoers, but they look for a real relationship with God, even if in a not clear way. In this challenging situation, what is the role of the educator? What are the possible actions to do?
Hermeneutics as an educational and pedagogical methodology Daniele Loro
To know how to educate it is not enough to observe and describe carefully an educational event; it is not even possible to go directly and mechanically from observation to design and then to action. In the middle there is the essential moment of the educator (or of the pedagogist) who understands the meaning of what he observes and then "translates" it into intentional action, that is to say in a project.From the effectiveness of the project the validity and the value of the "understanding" and of its "interpretation" can be confirmed. This research activity is part of the following research line, activated in the Department: "Roots and cultures of contemporaneity: pedagogical theories".


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