Giorgio Erle
Associate Professor
Markus Georg Ophaelders
Associate Professor
Riccardo Panattoni
Full Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Estetica Markus Georg Ophaelders
Filosofia dell'Arte e della Musica; Critica Culturale; Teoria Letteraria; Critica Sociale; Filosofia della Storia
Moral Thought by German Modern Philosophers Giorgio Erle
This research field concerns the rational foundation of Ethics and reflection on moral action within moral thought by German Modern Philosophers, particularly referring to Leibniz, Kant, Hegel and also to more recent philosophical positions that refer to that tradition.
Iconic Neo-structuralism and visual studies Riccardo Panattoni
It is a research field where structuralism is rethought referring to the virtual reality of images and no longer to language. Visual studies analyse the mutual implications between the usage of technological devices, images and philosophy.


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