Carlo Chiurco
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Markus Georg Ophaelders
Associate Professor
Pier Alberto Porceddu Cilione
Temporary Assistant Professor
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Critique of Culture (Cultural Studies); Modern and Contemporary Music; Literature of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Markus Georg Ophaelders
Pier Alberto Porceddu Cilione
Culture is a problem that, over the last 200 years, has increasingly moved to the center of reflection, which is obviously a cultural moment, too. In fact, if on the one hand it is through culture that one educates and forms minds and consciences, it is undeniable that it always involves a bit of barbarism. It has been argued that it is necessary to survive the culture, that we need to push barbarism to the end so that a new culture can be born or, more simply, that, after Auschwitz, it was no longer possible. Especially literature and music have addressed this dialectic, especially in the 20th century. Especially in present times, in the face of encounter and the clash of different cultures, these issues acquire an ever greater weight.
History of ideas: a) History of medieval philosophy; b) Painting and philosophy. Carlo Chiurco
History of ideas: a) History of medieval philosophy, in particular: Alanus ab Insulis (Alan of Lille/tewkesbury); The School of Chartres; Bernardus Sylvestris; Anselm of Canterbury; Bonaventure of Bagnoregio. b) The relation between painting and philosophy, in particular: Giorgione and 16th-century Venetian painting: a philosophical interpretation; (History of) Philosophical theories about painting and/or the role of image(s); The philosophical reflection about the role of the painter, its status, its meaning and its importance; Philosophical interpretations of specific artworks; The role and influence exerted by specific paintings and/or artists in philosophical conceptions, and viceversa.


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