Cristina Lonardi
Associate Professor
Domenico Secondulfo
Teaching Assistant
Luigi Tronca
Full Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Social network analysis Luigi Tronca
Application of social network analysis to the study of structural conditioning of action.
Biographical Approach Cristina Lonardi
This approach looks at the knowledge of life stories, life paths and experiences of people as a means of analysis of society and its changes and interpretation of social reality, individual but also collective, in the sense that the biographical approach allows access to connections between individual life experiences and social reality, between the strictly individual dimension and the social context.
Methodology and technique of social resarch Domenico Secondulfo
Design, management, control of both qualitative and quantitative empirical investigations; statistical analysis and interpretation of data; prospective analysis.
Qualitative Research Cristina Lonardi
In the social sciences, qualitative research refers to theories on interpretation (hermeneutics) and individual experience (phenomenology). Strategies for systematic collection, organization and interpretation of textual material obtained from qualitative interviews or through observation are many and varied. The aim is to investigate the meaning of social phenomena, as experienced by the individuals themselves. Here we mean both the use of qualitative research techniques and the study, in-depth study and experimentation of qualitative techniques, even in the web environment.


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