Massimiliano Badino
Temporary Assistant Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Historical-epistemological Approach Massimiliano Badino
This approach aims at situating historically and culturally classical problems of epistemology with the goal of providing us with a more thorough philosophical analysis of the process of production and dissemination of scientific knowledge
Political Epistemology Massimiliano Badino
Traditionally, epistemology is kept sharply apart from social and political issues. By contrast, political epistemology tackles epistemological problems on the assumption that knowledge production is a situated process occurring within a ethical, social, political, and cultural context. Furthermore, political epistemology reconfigures the key epistemological questions from the standpoint of their impact on society at large.
Practice-based Philosophy of Science Massimiliano Badino
To understand how science works, one needs to work with those who actively make science. Cooperation between humanities and natural sciences is essential for both practitioners and calls for honing of a specific openmindedness, a quick conceptual flexibility and the willingness to transcend one's own mental frameworks.


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