Theory and practice of education

Daniele Loro
Associate Professor
Luigina Mortari
Full Professor
Roberta Silva
Temporary Assistant Professor
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Epistemology of qualitative Inquiry Luigina Mortari
Roberta Silva
In order to fund an empirical rigorous research in the field of the human sciences, it has been elaborated a qualitative epistemology that has as epistemic core: Bateson’s ecology, naturalistic inquiry, phenomenology and pragmatism. A specific attention is devoted to the elaboration of an “empirical phenomenology” (Ep). It has been developed a specific version for the healthcare environment.
Think of education from the philosophical point of view Daniele Loro
Even in the educational field, to act with intentionality and effectiveness is not enough to have knowledge and skills, and commitment and good will are not enough; it is necessary to understand well the existential meaning of educational action and the cognitive specificity of pedagogical knowledge. In this way the cultural, social and even political value of education and pedagogy is affirmed. This research activity is part of the following research line, activated in the Department: "Roots and cultures of contemporaneity: pedagogical theories".


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