Carlo Chiurco
Associate Professor
Giorgio Erle
Associate Professor
Federico Leoni
Temporary Assistant Professor
Riccardo Panattoni
Full Professor
Gianluca Solla
Associate Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Ethics of relationship(s) Carlo Chiurco
Ethics of relationship(s), in particular: Ethics of recognizement, ethics of caring, ethics of gift; Love and friendship.
Ethics of Harmony Giorgio Erle
This research field refers to the reflections that – both in the historical and in the contemporary context – have attempted to define the relational and ethical meaning of Harmony, both in a wide cosmological perspective as “universal Harmony” and, more specifically, in an ethical understanding of musical harmony.
Ethics and Philosophy of Nature Giorgio Erle
This research focuses on the relationship between Ethics and Nature, in terms of both an Ethics of relationship and a contemporary philosophical understanding of responsibility.
Philosophy of the unconscious. Gianluca Solla
The Unconscious and the Subjectivation's Forms between word and image. Critical ethics and psychoanalysis. Philosophy and anthropology.
Philosophy and Psychoanalysis Riccardo Panattoni
It is a research field that deals with the mutual implication between the two disciplines, focusing in particular on the structure of subjectivation processes.
Theory and history of anthropological philosophy. Theory and history of psychoanalysis. Structuralism and post-structuralism. Federico Leoni
Philosophical anthropology inherits a vast tradition and a rich series of theoretical options and suggestions for the construction of theory of contemporary subjectivity. During the last decades philosophical anthropology constantly intertwined its trajectory with natural and human sciences, and among the last ones, particularly with structuralist and post-structuralist anthropology and with freudian and lacanian psychoanalysis.


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