Guido Cusinato
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Phenomenology of emotions and emotional sharing Guido Cusinato
The phenomenology of emotions is born in Germany at the beginning of the twentieth century. It linked the issues of philosophical anthropology, phenomenology of corporeity, intersubjectivity and the ontogenesis of the person. In the last few decades a broad international debate has occurred over these issues. One of its most significant results is the comprehension of the phenomenon of emotional sharing as a basis for collective intentionality.
Caring relationships and phenomenology of otherness Guido Cusinato
The philosophy of care has a very long tradition that dates back to Plato’s Alcibiades. In the last few decades the need has been felt to reread this tradition by overcoming the self-referential perspective of “cura sui” in the direction of a philosophy of otherness. For these reasons it is preferable to replace the term “care” or “cura sui” with that of “care relationships”.


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