Psychology, Developmental

Chiara Barachetti
Teaching Assistant
Manuela Lavelli
Full Professor
Marinella Majorano
Associate Professor
Daniela Raccanello
Assistant Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Language acquisition and development Chiara Barachetti
Manuela Lavelli
Marinella Majorano
The research investigates the interaction between individual and contextual factors -particularly linguistic input and support provided by parents and teachers- in child language acquisition and development in typical, atypical (DLD, CIs) and at-risk (low-income, immigrant) populations.
Infant research Manuela Lavelli
The research investigates the first processes of infant mental development by focusing on the dynamic of mother(father)-infant communication in the very first months of life. The analysis is aimed mainly to shed light on factors underlying individual differences in developmental trajectories. Cross-cultural studies and studies with at-risk populations (very preterm infants) are included.
Methods to study change processes Manuela Lavelli
Specific research methods (referred to as microgenetic designs) that use multiple case study and combination of quantitative and qualitative analyses to allow the researcher to closely observe processes of change, instead of products, in individual and relational development.
Psychology of traumatic events Daniela Raccanello
Memory and representation of traumatic events in adults and children. Interventions on emotional prevention referred to traumatic events.


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