Theory and practice of education

Claudio Girelli
Associate Professor
Roberta Silva
Temporary Assistant Professor
Marco Ubbiali
Temporary Assistant Professor
Research interests
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From the emerging to the codified literacy Claudio Girelli
Learning to read and write is a significant moment in the growth of children. It begins in the kindergarten and is completed with a formalized teaching in the primary school. The ways in which the literacy process is carried out has a strong impact on both the scholastic and educational success of children. In this context, the research action is linked with the training of teachers involved in the research processes as experimentation of educational models. (Department research line: Teacher training).
Service learning and Community engagement Roberta Silva
Marco Ubbiali
To deep theory and practice of Service learning and Community engagement in scientific debate, and in their application in educational contexts, schools and universities. To build a model of Service learning in the university courses, and to monitor, through empirical researches, their educative value relating to students learning, and their performative value for school and community contexts.


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