Sabrina Berlanda
Temporary Professor
Giorgio Gosetti
Associate Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Work and new economic forms Giorgio Gosetti
The study of new economic forms is dealt with from the point of view of job change. The transition to new models of production of goods and services makes it possible to redefine work, in form and content, in the relationship between work and life. Objects of analysis are therefore the ways of understanding economy that look for a different path from the traditional one, through the recovery of ancient production systems and the experimentation of new ones.
Services’ organization and organizational processes Giorgio Gosetti
The study of services organization is faced looking at the organizational processes and the dynamics that daily organize complex organizational profiles. Referring mainly to the organization of health and social services, the approach looks in particular at network organizational forms, able to involve diversified and distributed resources in the territory, and employs analytical variables to understand the process of change and the relationship between differentiation and coordination of work.
Quality of work and working life Giorgio Gosetti
The approach to quality of work and working life has a multidimensional character and studies aspects of both subjective and objective nature. The analytical assumption, in conceptual and operative terms, is the relationship between person’s needs/aspirations and work organization’s profile, in its different dimensions. The study of quality of work and working life is associated with the study of culture of work, as a set of meanings that people attribute to work, placed at the base of some subjective evaluations regarding work conditions lived.
Interpersonal relationships at workplace Sabrina Berlanda
The research field is focused on the relationship between variables of individual difference and organizational ones in affecting social and professional relationships at workplace. A specific area of interest is concerned with the study of the relationships between users/clients/patients and professionals.


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