Social and political philosophy

Lorenzo Bernini
Associate Professor
Olivia Guaraldo
Associate Professor
Ilaria Possenti
Associate Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
The right to have rights Ilaria Possenti
This research field investigates the Arendtian reflection on the "right to have rights" as a relevant contribution to philosophical and political reflection on contemporary migrations.
Politics, economics and society Ilaria Possenti
Starting from a critical reading of the arendtian opposition between the socio-economic and political sphere, the research deals with a theoretical position, aiming to rethink "political freedom” in the perspective of the "social question" (labor, needs, poverty) .
Politics and Vulnerability Olivia Guaraldo
Rethinking political subjectivity in the light of the perspective of vulnerability and care. The background is the thought of sexual difference and feminist political and legal theories.
Political Theory and Public Happiness Olivia Guaraldo
The political concepts of modernity and their transformations are analyzed with specific reference to the Arendtian concept of 'Public Happiness' with the aim of redefining political freedom and participation.
Queer Theories Lorenzo Bernini
Queer Theories are a branch of contemporary critical theory that questions power relations from the point of view of sexual minorities.


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