Antonietta De Vita
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Paola Dusi
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Marcella Milana
Associate Professor
Agostino Portera
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Chiara Sità
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Marco Ubbiali
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Research interests
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Global active citizenship and partecipation Antonietta De Vita
The global changes we are experiencing alter the meanings and practices of citizenship and participation, requiring spaces of thought to formulate new hypotheses for active participation, cohabitation and visions of the future. The crisis of politics and citizenship in the West shows the end of the traditional democratic forms and the emergence of elements for new configurations. My interest has focused on new citizenship practices starting from the urban contexts in an ecological and ecofeminist perspective.
Intercultural Competence Agostino Portera
Analysis of intercultural educational practices and methodologies. Analysis of the concept of intercultural competence in the fields of education, intercultural mediation, business, social work and healthcare.
Comparative and International Education Marcella Milana
Examination of sources, workings, and outcomes of education systems, as well as leading education issues, from comprehensive, multidisciplinary, cross-national, and cross-cultural perspectives.
Gender education Antonietta De Vita
Education, teaching and formation are fields strongly marked by the female presence, but the language, the symbolic, the knowledge, the organisational and managerial structures seem to reflect still neuter-masculine paradigms. These are based on hierarchizing dualisms embodied in degrees of power (nature/culture, public/private, production/reproduction, rational/emotional, object/subject, normal/abnormal). Urgent becomes to assume a posture of thought and action that takes into account the fact that the world is one but inhabited by women and men, with the variety of their unique human experiences and sexual orientation, and with expectations, desires, capabilities and educational needs that cannot be homologated.
Phenomenology of recognition Paola Dusi
the phenomenology of recognition, insofar as it is adopted as a fundamental relational and socio-political modality of democratic and egalitarian societies, and as a prerequisite for the emergence of processes of education within the family and at school.
Pedagogy of work-related learning Antonietta De Vita
The pedagogy of work-related learning considers the nature of contemporary work and employment in terms of training and education, and its implications for the individuals and organisations involved. The transformations we have witnessed in forms of work and the learning processes associated with them can be studied from both a theoretical and an empirical perspective. In my research I am particularly interest in the learning landscape that has emerged in the context of work in “different”, and solidarity- and social justice-based economies, movements that attest to a period of transition from growth-centred economic and production models to more sustainable approaches that are in greater harmony with the living world.
Education Policy Marcella Milana
Examination of statements, and of the underlying decision-making processes, aimed at promoting the change of education and training systems, in order to achieve desired solutions in response to perceived social problems.
Qualitative Research in education (particularly focused on school and families) Paola Dusi
Qualitative research in education refers to a wide range of studies focusing their attentions on the educational contexts through the use of qualitative methods that allow to describe phenomena from the point of view of the subjects involved in them. My research activities are aimed at investigating educational contexts and issues, in particular in the following fields: ethical education, practices of engaged pedagogy, education and care in educational contexts.
Parent support Chiara Sità
The research area concerns the actions aimed at supporting parents, put into act by professionals at school and in educational settings. These actions (information, counseling, parent training, group discussion) design contexts where parental identities and roles are negotiated in relation to specific cultural models of family, parenting and gender.
Theory of ethical education Marco Ubbiali
To deep and develop Socrates-Plato and Aristotle's ethical position, in the light of the philosophy of care and in dialogue with the position of Paul Ricouer, in order to found a pedagogical vision that can orientate educative paths and empirical researches.


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